10 common mistakes when buying travel insurance

Every journey and every traveler is unique. Check before you buy.

Travel insurance is not so simple. Does your group insurance or credit card offer travel coverage? Does it cover all your needs?

Ask a travel agent, instead of one of the top ten insurance gaffes …

1. Why make sure? I am young and healthy. I’m going to Bali or Banff. Yes, you are covered by your sun card if you break a leg because of a big miss … But it does not cover the ambulance or the difference in cost of hospitalization in British Columbia. Abroad, accidents are never checked. A $ 60,000 ambulance bill is not uncommon.

2. My group insurance or my credit card covers everything. False! There are limits and exclusions for the duration of the trip, persons covered (spouse, children), destinations, care provided, wheelchairs, crutches, repatriation, cancellation and luggage … Your spouse is pregnant ? It may be covered if you come home before the 32nd week.

3. My insurance covers the bungee offered by the hotel. False! Extreme sports are usually excluded: bungee, hang-gliding, climbing, parachuting, some diving outings, off-piste skiing … And if you get hurt while you’re drunk, the insurer can refuse to pay.

4. Travel insurance from my credit card will pay … unless you have an outstanding balance, if you did not purchase the entire trip with the card or if you paid with … the other card in your wallet! And what is the limit on the value or duration of the trip?

5. Me and my loved ones, we are covered. False. To check: your spouse or children do not live with you, they are over 18, you are over 65 or 70, you are retired and your insurance covers health, but not cancellation or luggage. ..

6. My dog ​​is dead, but I have a cancellation insurance. Did you subscribe more than 72 hours after the purchase of the trip? What does she cover: couple quibbles, dismissal, death, illness of a relative?

7. My health has improved, youpiii! Your condition must be stable long before the purchase of travel insurance. If you have a pre-existing but stable health problem, an insurer should cover your trip for less than a month.

8. My insurance covers hospitalization, whew! Yes, but my spouse’s hotel is it? And will the return flight be if the hospitalization exceeds the planned date?

9. I am assured: I am going to the emergency room of my choice. False! Unless they have been transported unconscious to the hospital, many insurers demand to contact them before being referred to the hospital or clinic of their choice.

10. No need for interruption insurance, I drive to Florida. And if a loved one is suddenly very sick? It’s expensive to fly back and forth to rush to his bedside and leave to recover the car …

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