Bienvenido: Why Colombia is one of the easiest places to travel right now

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If you are looking for an international destination you can visit right now with ease, I highly recommend Colombia. I just arrived Thursday night, and Colombia has some the easiest entry rules you will find.

Colombia entry requirements
Current requirements only call for all visitors to complete the online pre-travel registration form “Check-Mig” within one to 24 hours before their flight departure time, wear a mask at all times in public and wash their hands on a consistent basis.

You may be able to fill out the forms as early as 48 hours before your flight, but I’d wait to 24 hours just to be safe.

Colombia is one of my favorite countries in the world. I’ve been to Medellin several times over the years because one of my best friends is half Colombian, and I’ve spent weeks with her and her family there. Yet, I’d still never been to Bogota or Cartagena. When a deal popped up to fly to Bogota in Delta One Suites during the height of the pandemic for November 2021, I jumped on it.

At the time, I thought that I’d surely be back in New York by the time of the flight — ha. In the months since the trip was booked from New York, it became clear I’d have to position from my temporary home base in Montana to make it happen. Fortunately, doing that offered me the chance to visit our reopened TPG New York offices, so I decided to keep the trip.

Registering 24 hours before your flight
The process to register before your flight is pretty simple, but here are the step-by-step directions. You simply go to “” and click on the “” link.

It’s pretty self-explanatory. The only thing that tripped me up for a moment was that I couldn’t find United States in the drop-down menu. Be aware it shows up in Spanish as “Estados Unidos.”

You will get a printed copy of the form, but I never needed to show that document.

Checking in
Talk about drama-free. I was able to check-in for my flight the day before with zero issues. When I got to the Sky Priority check-in area at Terminal 4 at JFK, the agent told me I didn’t even need to check in with an agent.

I showed my boarding pass as normal at the Clear lane and was through security in about 15 minutes without even having to take out my passport.

Frankly, it made me nervous how easy it was, so I went to the service desk in the Delta lounge. The agent verified I was good to go with no document checks necessary.

At the gate
There were no document checks at the gate, either. When I double-checked with the agent at the gate, I was told she didn’t need to see anything more from me.1 of 8
Interestingly, there were also no document checks (or even any information given out about entry requirements) on the flight.

Arrival into Colombia
I expected a cursory interview about COVID-19 when I arrived, but my experience was more like pre-COVID-19 times when you just walked up to immigration and showed your passport.

The immigration agent asked me where I was staying and for how long — that was it. My passport was stamped, and I was welcomed to Colombia. I even asked her if she wanted to see the form I had filled out, but she said she didn’t need it.

Customs did ask if I had anything to declare, but when I said no, I was free to leave the terminal.

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