Top experiences in Colombia

The most beautiful towns in Colombia

(CNN) — From frolicking on the beaches of the Caribbean coast and taking pictures in colorful Cartagena, to partying in Medellín and enjoying the street art of La Candelaria in Bogotá, the reputation of Colombia as a legitimately varied and exciting destination is assured. Kike Calvo/AP (CNN) — From frolicking on the beaches of the Caribbean […]


Going to Colombia? 10 things to know before you visit

CNN) — There was a time when few travelers visited Colombia, when the country was synonymous with drug lords, when the only English you heard on the streets was spoken by American Marines. That Colombia — a country of conflict and cartels — has largely disappeared, replaced by a rejuvenated capital of Bogota and a […]


Colombia travel Insurance

Ideally, all travelers should have a travel insurance policy, which will provide some security in the case of a medical emergency, or the loss or theft of money or belongings.


10 common mistakes when buying travel insurance

Every journey and every traveler is unique. Check before you buy. Travel insurance is not so simple. Does your group insurance or credit card offer travel coverage? Does it cover all your needs? Ask a travel agent, instead of one of the top ten insurance gaffes … 1. Why make sure? I am young and […]